WinCo Supermarket chain Floors - Multiple West Coast locations

Improved visibility, reduced lighting requirements, high durability, and low maintenance - light reflective floors are well suited to large buildings, providing benefits to owners and occupants alike.

A large supermarket chain likes the advantages offered by white concrete floor surfaces and has committed itself to placing light reflective floors in these new facilities. The white concrete floor has a consistent color throughout its entire depth. Not only are the floors white when installed, the color does not fade or wear out. By contrast, some proprietary dry-shake materials are formulated with non­white (fine) aggregates. As the paste on these surfaces wears away, aggregate particles that become exposed make a floor appear less white. With periodic cleaning, white concrete floors will remain white as long as desired. 

White concrete floor surfaces represent the best in modern technology. On the other hand, these floors are reminiscent of an earlier era when pride in workmanship played a big role in achieving quality results. 

The difference shows. The owners know they’re getting an excellent product and in looking at one of these floors, it’s easy to under­stand why. The floors look great, wear well, and because of reduced lighting requirements, save money in the long term. 

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