Lehigh White Cement Company (LWCC) operates two white cement plants with combined cement capacity of 280 thousand tons in Waco (Texas) and York (Pennsylvania) as well as a 32-strong distribution network throughout the United States to supply white cement in North America.


LWCC manages the largest and most comprehensive white cement distribution network in the U.S., shipping cement from coast to coast, enabling rail shipments of over 3,000 miles.

Such unique combination of truck, rail and ship access facilitates logistics and freight cost management, making LWCC the only player with the capability to serve its clients in every State.

Production facilities: York plant

The York plant is located in Pennsylvania and has as annual production capacity of 140 thousand tons. It is known for being one of the first cement plants in the world to produce white Portland cement.

The plant was built by Medusa Cement in 1907 and it has celebrated over 110 years of production. The current white cement production was inaugurated in 1962. The plant was bought by LWCC from Medusa Cement in 1982. Since then several changes have been made to improve plant efficiency and quality and to meet environment standards.

The plant manufactures various products including Types I and III cement as well as Type N and S Masonry cement.

Personnel at the York Plant pride themselves on their excellent safety record for which they have won many awards over the years.

Production facilities: Waco Plant

The Waco plant is located in Texas and has as annual production capacity of 140 thousand tons.

The plant was built in 1927 as Atlas Cement and then acquired by US Steel forming Universal Atlas Cement. The white line was added and inaugurated in 1969. In 1980, HeidelbergCement Group purchased the plant as part of its acquisition of the Universal-Atlas Cement Division of U.S. Steel, and merged the operation with the Lehigh White Cement Company. Grey cement plant was shut down and white cement became the core manufacturing product. Over the years numerous investments have been made to improve production throughput and efficiency and to meet environmental standards.

The plant manufactures various products including Type I cement along with Type N and S Masonry cement.

Waco plant employees have earned numerous safety awards, making the Waco plant one of the safest cement plants in the industry.

GAETANO CACCIATORE (GCI) - Tampa Import terminal


CEMENT: Our distribution terminal in Tampa (FL) is strategically located for white cement import and distribution throughout the Southern and Eastern US states. It is owned and operated by Gaetano Cacciatore LLC, a company part of Cementir Group active in Florida since 2007, with a continuous ship unloader and pneumatic discharge equipment, a state of art dome with cement storage capacity of 45,000 tons and a fully automated load-out system. Lehigh White Cement uses this maritime terminal to receive cement vessel, store and ship cement (truck and railcars) directly to customers and to other LWCC terminals located in US.

AGGREGATES:  In GCI Tampa Terminal is also present equipment for vessel receiving, discharging, store and ship aggregates by trucks for Florida market. This site was active until 2014. Total storing capacity is 125,000 st for 3 different types of aggregates. Significant investments have been approved and equipment is under modernization to prepare a state of art aggregate site. Start of activities is expected in Q1 2024.

Logistic extensive approach with a unique distribution network

We supply white cement to customers across the United States through a wide distribution network with 32 distribution centers.

We support our customers with a high consistency and quality product, unique range of solutions and unparalleled service offering. Our North American presence moves over 250,000 tons per year through our private fleet of railcars. We also handle north of 400,000 tons per year of trucking with regional and national carriers. Our reach enables us to mitigate supply chain risk by sourcing vessels and railcars through multiple ports of entry.

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We support the North American white cement market with a Sales and Technical Team second to none.   Our focus on customer and market demand is locally supported by Four Regional Sales and Marketing Managers along with Technical Sales Representatives in every market of the US and Canada. We are involved in local and National trade associations to not only support, but grow the white cement market.

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