St. Anthony Regional Hospital

St. Anthony Regional Hospital
Carroll, IA

Architect: Horty Elving & Associates
Cast Stone Manufacturer: American Artstone, New Ulm, MN
Awards:: 2009 CSI Award – Manufacturing Excellence 

The St. Anthony Regional Hospital Surgery Center was a new building to the existing hospital campus. It replaced St. Anthony’s 35-year-old surgery facilities and existing technology to accommodate growth. A 30-foot tall relief of St. Anthony graces the side of the building, sitting high on a hilltop overlooking the city of Carroll, IA.

Producing the oversized relief of St. Anthony created special challenges for our artist as well as production crews. From a photograph, the artist created a full scale model which was rough cut from foam and then refined with clay. From the model, production crews created four separate rubber molds backed in concrete. In addition, the split stone around St. Anthony had to be specially molded to the unique shape of the St. Anthony figure.

Because of the comprehensiveness of the cast stone features of this project, it took 18 months to complete the project. The relief of St. Anthony holding baby Jesus is 31 feet 10 inches high and 10 feet 6 inches wide. The relief alone used 48,000 lbs. of blended cast stone concrete, 2,600 lbs of molding clay, 1,600 lbs of spray urethane rubber, 292 hours of the artist’s time, and 1,072 hours for mold fabrication, metal fabrication, casting and final finishing. Because of the two-color blend used throughout the project, it was a special challenge to avoid mottled faces on St. Anthony or baby Jesus.  This required a one-color pour for the faces, followed with the two-color to finish filling the mold. In addition to the relief, the project included 665 pieces of split face and smooth veneers, as well as 36 medallions. 

The hospital wanted St. Anthony to look as if it was carved on the side of the building. With that in mind, the color had to blend just right and the relief had to be grand enough to be seen from near and far.