Sandra Day O’Connor HS
Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Helotes, Texas

Architect:  Marmon Mok, L.L.P.
Masonry Supplier:  Featherlite
Photographer:  Paul Bardagjy

Sandra Day O’Connor High School is an academic village located near San Antonio in the small town of Helotes, TX.

 In response to community concerns, the school is laid out in a “village” concept, rather than as a massive building, The school’s plan allocates more than 334,000 square feet into fourteen one and two story buildings arranged around a central plaza.

 The focal point of the central plaza is the library, with its clock tower serving as the primary landmark. Other functions are distributed around the plaza in separate buildings connected by a covered walkway.

 Economy of construction and long-term value were of utmost importance during the design process. With cost constraints in mind, material selection included limestone-colored, split-faced masonry units provided by Featherlite and made with Lehigh white cement, the results of which are both aesthetic and cost effective.  Savings resulting from the use of this material allowed additional square footage to be incorporated where needed.