RSA Tower

RSA Tower
Montgomery, Alabama

Architect: PH&J Architects, Inc. – Montgomery, Alabama: John Gandy, Design Architect
Contractor: Castone Corporation – Opelika, AL
Awards: 1998 Architectural Precast Association’s Award for Design & Manufacturing Excellence
Photographer: Sam Oliver (photo courtesy of Castone Corp.)

The RSA Tower is one of several RSA buildings in Montgomery, the capitol city of Alabama. 265,000 sq. ft. of Lehigh White Cement was used in the construction of approximately 3,400 pieces, which were erected at night by Castone Corporation.

RSA Tower is the most prominent building in the Montgomery skyline, and is featured on a leading TV station news background set. The building is beautifully lighted at night and can be readily seen regardless of the approach to the city. 

The application includes wall panels, window panels, and spandrels, “brackets,” special corner capitals, wall caps and exposed aggregate panels.