Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton Chronicle Building & Residences
San Francisco, CA

Architect: Page & Turnbull and Charles Bloszies Architects, San Francisco, CA
Cast Stone Manufacturer: Architectural Facades Unlimited, Gilroy, CA
Awards:  2009 APA, Design & Manufacturing Excellence –GFRC Category

The adaptive reuse of San Francisco’s Chronicle Building for the Ritz-Carlton Company brings new residential uses into the core of the city. Metal cladding, installed in the 1960’s and concealing the city’s most revered landmark, has been removed and the damage their placement did to the original building has been repaired. An eight-story addition, sympathetic with the original design, is layered back to open an important urban corner to the sky. This project exemplifies how best to successfully restore a portion of the façade of an existing architectural gem.  Not only did the various elements blend with their respective adjacent materials, the systems used shows that a near perfect solution can be achieved.  Control from beginning to the end shows a mastery of this type of work.  The level of detail of the new castings matches the level of quality of the original stonework.