Lehigh White Cement Company produces, imports and markets white Portland and Masonry Cements throughout the United States and Canada.  Our advanced technical expertise and high commitment to strict quality control ensures the cement we sell is very consistend and meets the rigorous performance and production standards our customers depend on to make beautiful, resilient concrete and cement based products. Our extensive distribution system means our customers have a sure supply of white cement regardless of where they are in the United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT HEALTH INFORMATION: Portland cement when dry is non-hazardous. When in contact with moisture (such as in eyes or skin) or when mixed with water to make concrete, mortar or grout, it becomes highly caustic and will burn (as severely as third-degree) the eyes or skin. Inhalation of dry Portland cement can irritate the upper respiratory system.

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NOTE: Not all products are available nationwide.  Contact your local sales office for further information.