Las Colinas Highlands

Las Colinas Highlands
Irving, TX

Architect: Corgan Associates
Photographer: Charles Davis Smith, AIA
Supplier, Masonry Units: Acme Brick
Supplier, Cast Stone: Advanced Cast Stone


Architects working in the Las Colinas office development area of Irving, Texas were limited to the use of either masonry or architectural concrete by Las Colinas Association design guidelines. Las Colinas Highlands, an office building that accommodates 208,000 square feet of office space, must also attract prospective tenants at a minimum cost to the owner.

Brick was the material of choice for the exterior. To help achieve the goal of maximum office space at a minimum expense, Corgan opted for a 100% poured-in-place concrete structure. 

The color palette is the final element used to create visual interest in the façade. The rectangular form is defined by two different shades of light colored brick while the elliptical form is highlighted by a third color that establishes it as a separate entity. The use of these various colors creates texture, light and shadow that changes throughout the day, demonstrating the versatility of brick in applications that are both economical and artistic.