Featured Projects

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute 2021 Design Awards highlight innovative and beautiful architectural design in concrete.
Congratulations to our Lehigh White customers whose inspiring projects are featured here.

The Reach, The Kennedy centre
for the performing arts 

Case Studies

Park Ave. New York, NY


Louisiana Museum

Project: Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame, Natchitoches, LA.

The 27,500 square foot Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame building is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana, the oldest settlement of the original Louisiana Purchase. The museum houses memorabilia contributed by the diverse cultures that shaped the state of Louisiana and the Gulf South.>>>

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​Tampa Museum of Art Walking on Art
At the Tampa Museum of Art, all eyes are on the compelling painting, photographs, sculptures and Greek and Roman antiquities.>>>
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Wine Caves
Shotcrete for Wine Storage
What do northern California grapes and shotcrete have in common? Fine wine of course! Think of the California wine country with its pristine hillsides carpeted with vineyards and picturesque wineries.>>>read more

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​CA Tunnel
Traffic Safety
The accident was massive and consuming. On Saturday, Oct. 13, a pileup in a southbound truck bypass tunnel at the intersection of I-5 (Golden State Freeway) and California 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway) in Santa Clarita, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, caused a chain reaction.>>>
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​Winco Floor
Super Floors for Supermarkets
Improved visibility, reduced lighting requirements, high durability, and low maintenance-light reflective floors are well suited to large buildings, providing benefits to owners and occupants alike.>>>read more

PA Turnpike

White Concrete Brightens ‘Highway of Hope’​
Two expressways with a total price tag of $3 billion and a construction schedule that could span 15 years have been referred to as “highways of hope” for the region around Pittsburg in western Pennsylvania.>>>