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The reach, The Kennedy centre for the performing arts

Washington D.C., USA

Architects: Steven Holl Architects

Associate architects: BNIM Architects

Concrete contractor: The Lane Construction Corporation

General contractor: Whiting-Turner

The reach, The Kennedy centre for the performing arts, expansion project, designed by Steven Holl Architects adds 72,000 sq. ft (6,700 sq. meters) of award-winning interior space dedicated to the performing arts. Five different types of concrete were used to achieve the stunning architectural, aesthetic, acoustic,` and structural design.

Early in the schematic design process, the design team determined the project’s main structures: The Welcome, Skylight, and River Pavilions should be constructed with white cast-in-place concrete. The pavilions feature complex geometry demanding high strength performance with the added requirement of exacting finished to create a dazzling addition to this living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. AALBORG WHITE cement was selected for the highly visible white concrete elements fulfilling both structural and architectural roles.

See from a distance the walls of The REACHS’s pavilions appear smooth, rising transcendent above the Kennedy Center’s south lawn. Up close where they are designed to be experiences, visitors appreciate the touch of natural wood grain from authentic Douglas fir form linings which provide texture and transform the structure’s surface.