Lehigh White Masonry Cements are white portland cement-based products designed for making white or colored mortars as designated by ASTM Specification C 270 “Mortars for Unit Masonry.” Manufactured to meet ASTM C 91, Lehigh White Masonry Cement is a blend of white portland cement clinker with finely ground white limestone, combined with process additions that enhance water retention, workability, boardlife and durability. Enhanced developments in the manufacture of architectural concrete masonry units are greatly expanding the artistic horizons while simplifying the structural design of projects utilizing colorful architectural masonry construction. Leading architects have found these versatile building products to be a rewarding medium through which to achieve self-expression. In addition to design flexibility, concrete masonry construction offers a reliable and affordable structural scheme. A myriad of surface textures can be achieved with fluted, split faced, ground faced or other customized concrete block made with Lehigh White Portland Cement and installed with mortar made with Lehigh White Masonry Cement. The option of adding colored pigment provides a wealth of color schemes to every masonry project.

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